So now that Keurig machines have been brewing tasty beverages since 1998, how do I sift through and find the best tasting K-Cups out there? All of the top coffee companies’ in the world are making K-Cups now, which can be quiet overwhelming when you stroll down the coffee aisle looking for the ideal cup of joe. Whether you are looking for a strong roast or a new exciting Jamaican blend of coffee, this article will help you decide on your K-Cup purchase the next time you stroll down the aisles of your store or are sifting through the pages of K-Cup deals from your online store.

We asked Josh Taves, a 12-year coffee industry vet (who has spent time working as a barista as well as training them) and the director of business development for Denver’s Novo Coffee — one of the finest coffee shops in the country — for help. He did a blind tasting of 20 of the most popular K-Cups like a true (and highly caffeinated) hero. In the end, one brand stood out above all else, snagging three of the top four spots, while a few proved to be not worth drinking, no matter how badly you need a caffeine kick.

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